Courage fuyons ( be brave and run ) is a project in 2 parts asking the following questions: which attitude do we adopt towards our own reality? How far do we want to go to escape from it?

The experience took place in The Zsenne Art Lab gallery in Brussels.

I redesigned a space through three inspirations, after parties, my father’s death that commit suicide and Disney’s Alice in Wonderland which I grew up with. This movie is an ode to drugs and run away journey from our reality. Then people were invited in the morning to continue their party as long as their body can hold.

The gallery has been re-designed in four different Spaces.

In the first space a lady welcomed people and gave to them an entry ticket.
On one side of the ticket was written Drink Me, which allowed people to get a free drink in the third space. This Drink Me is attached to a bottle who makes Alice smaller or bigger to get through small doors. The same way, to go from one space to another, people had to go through small doors.
The other side of the ticket is a copy of the metro ticket I kept from the day my father passed away. It’s in invitation to a journey maybe to see what’s beyond death.

The second space is the heart of the action where DJ was playing, people dancing and drinking and only one face disco ball hanging as a source of light.

The Face disco ball is in one hand a cliché of the party and in the other hand it’s also part of the tribute to my father since my father commit suicide by hanging himself.

In the third space it’s the bar where people can buy drink or get one for free with their Drink Me ticket.

In the fourth space it’s the chill room. Small cardboard spaces were set where people could hide themselves and since this space was very dark, people could easily having fun privately. There was also a TV playing the Disney movie Alice in wonderland. Finally People could see themselves in reflecting blurry walls. It was a way to tell them there was no more room, nothing else to discover except maybe themselves.

The second part consisted to show what happened in order to take some distance from the experience. Pictures and printed conversations were set on the walls while a backgroung sound recorded during the experience was playing.