Nervous Days is a free homemade video game created by Yvan Megal & Strapontin for the release of ‘The End of Logic’ on Hard Fist Record. You can download the game HERE and listen and buy the LP HERE.

‘ We started working on this project in 2019. We wanted to make a music video but a playable one. This video game is the story of a man running after likes and followers. We wanted to question our relationship with social media and what we want from it: feeling loved ? Are we searching for fame ? Acknowledgment ? So do we miss something in our life? It is obvioulsy a satyrical state of play of our own situation as independant artists and our difficulties to be heard and visible. Some might even recognize some buildings of our beloved Brussels in there… This is our first video game and we had to learn everything from scratch, we are independent artists not professional game developers. We are now very proud to show you the result. Have fun ! And of course don’t forget to love, like and follow us. ‘

Yvan Megal & Strapontin