Tchouri is a short film that links my passion for drama and science fiction cinema. The inception of the project was in September 2017, the final cut being made in July 2018.

Tchouri was selected for both Brussels’ Pink Screens Film Fesitval in 2018, and for the Chéries-Chéris Film Festival in Paris

The idea of the film came from a dream.

‘It was a peaceful evening of walking in the countryside. At some point I came across three meteorites; I picked them up and showed them to my boyfriend, amazed, but he was disgusted. ‘They could have seen other worlds and civilizations!’ is said, but his fear starts to show. ‘But what if they’re bringing unknown bacteria with them…?’ 

You can also listen to me a on radio Campus talking about Tchouri during the Pink Screens film festival. (from 19min in – French language)

You can follow the project on facebook here.